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Retaliation claims can sink an employer

Retaliation claims of any variety are potentially explosive for employers. Nothing angers jurors, courts or governmental agencies like an employee’s accusation they were fired in retaliation for exercising their rights or “doing the right thing.” Ultimately, a jury, court or agency must decide: “What was the employer’s true reason for firing the employee?” A case

The skinny on narrow networks

The insurance exchanges created under Affordable Care Act have facilitated increased competition. Old version managed care models implemented cost-savings measures like pre-authorizations for medical care, hospital length of stay restrictions, determinations of medical necessity for coverage, second opinions for surgery, exclusions of procedures or services, cost-shifting using higher deductibles and co-payments, and caps on coverage.

New union election rules yield much quicker elections

Union election petitions and quicker elections have been the immediate effect of the National Labor Relations Board’s new election rules which took effect on April 14, 2015. The new rules were intended to speed up the election process through quicker deadlines and delaying some hearings on some issues until after the election. Unions taking full