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Leveraging wellness programs in the ACA age

The dawn of the Affordable Care Act age has sparked renewed interest in wellness programs by employers as a means to improve employee health and reduce health plan claims and costs. In fact, some wellness programs may actually help employers reduce their liability under the ACA’s forthcoming (but recently delayed) Cadillac Tax. While the solution…

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EmployerLINC16: ‘Employers under pressure‘

The heat is on, and employers are feeling the pressure like never before. A changing workforce, uncertain economy, ever-changing (and sometimes conflicting) laws with no clear guidance, hidden surprises in the law, ramped-up enforcement initiatives by state and federal authorities, and the increased potential for litigation only add to the pressures of everyday life in…

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Transgender, sexual orientation and stereotyping issues in the workplace

While Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 does not specifically prohibit employment discrimination based on one’s sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression, there is a growing trend, particularly at the federal level but also in some states, to expand civil rights protections to gay and transgender workers.  The U.S. Supreme Court…

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An employer’s guide to protecting confidential info

A company’s ability to protect its confidential information, including trade secrets, can often determine whether that business thrives or dies. And we’re not just talking about safeguarding the recipe to the “secret sauce.” Depending on the nature of your business, a lot of other types of confidential information — business processes, customer lists, financial data,…

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Annual seminar offers employers real-world examples of costly, common mistakes

Hundreds of business owners, executives, human resources professionals and benefits managers attended EmployerLINC15, McAfee & Taft’s annual labor, employment and employee benefits seminar, at the Renaissance Hotel and Convention Center in Tulsa on April 28 and the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City on April 30, 2015.

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WEBINAR » When leave laws collide: Tackling complex health plan coverage issues

Leave issues present some of the most challenging issues for employers. Just when you think you’ve got a grip on how the FMLA, ADA and state workers’ comp laws intersect from an employment law standpoint, complex health plan coverage issues come in to play to throw you another curve ball. And if your strike out on these issues, the penalties could be very costly.

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