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Court OK’s termination of diabetic employee for misconduct

A recent federal appeals court decision case upheld an employer’s termination of a diabetic employee for misconduct, despite the employee’s argument that her poor work performance was a result of low-blood sugar. Diabetic employee and performance issues Janna DeWitt worked as a customer service representative in a call center for Southwestern Bell Telephone Company. She…

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Disabilities that pose a ‘direct threat’ in the workplace

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) prohibits employment discrimination on the basis of disability. The ADA also requires employers to reasonably accommodate disabled individuals who are qualified for a position. However, the ADA recognizes a “direct threat” defense for employers who have been sued for disability discrimination. A “direct threat” involves a “significant risk of…

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Care for parent leads to firing

Can an employer terminate an employee out of a belief that the employee is too distracted from his job duties due to caring for a relative with a disability? That was the issue in the recent case, in which an employee who was occasionally late to work due to caring for his ailing father successfully pursued a distraction claim for associational discrimination.

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