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Court OK’s termination of diabetic employee for misconduct

A recent federal appeals court decision case upheld an employer’s termination of a diabetic employee for misconduct, despite the employee’s argument that her poor work performance was a result of low-blood sugar. Diabetic employee and performance issues Janna DeWitt worked as a customer service representative in a call center for Southwestern Bell Telephone Company. She…

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Employee fired while on FMLA leave: Why it was OK

Don’t get me wrong: Firing an employee while they are on a Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) absence is dicey. But, as a recent federal appeals court decision that covers Oklahoma employers demonstrates, there are circumstances when an employer should terminate the employee while on leave and can win a lawsuit brought by the…

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Timing of termination creates question of fact in association discrimination case

In employment law, including association discrimination cases, timing is everything. When Terry Booker was fired from his job of 22 years at Delfasco, a manufacturing facility in Greene County, Tennessee, in March 2012, he filed suit for “association discrimination” under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and a retaliation claim under the Family and Medical…

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