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Department of Labor withdraws joint employer guidance

A joint employer relationship can arise in circumstances where an individual performs work for two entities that share control over how that individual performs his/her work. Although joint employment relationships are most commonly found with companies that use temporary employees, staffing agencies or independent contractors, it can also apply to franchisor-franchisee and contractor-subcontractor relationships. When…

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Labor Board’s joint employer decision sure to cause headaches

The National Labor Relations Board, which enforces labor laws for both unionized and non-unionized employers, recently issued a ruling on joint employer status for companies using temporary workers through staffing agencies that could have a far-reaching effect on attempts by unions to organize more employers. Right now, nearly three million U.S. workers are employed through temporary agencies.

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Q&A WITH MICHAEL AVERY » Is your company a joint employer with the government?

McAfee & Taft trial lawyer and EmployerLINC contributor Michael Avery was featured in a Q&A article in The Oklahoman discussing whether a private contractor could be considered a joint employer with a governmental entity in employment-related causes of actions, including unlawful discrimination under Title VII and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

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