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Attack on an employer’s promotion decision

Are you prepared to defend a promotion or hiring decision when someone accuses you of discrimination? That’s when an employer must be in a position to show their selection was absolutely non-discriminatory and based upon selecting the best candidate. Missed promotion For more than 18 years, Chris Edwards worked for the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics…

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Tenth Circuit rules in favor of airline in discrimination case when employee’s mistake leads to his termination

The Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals recently ruled for Delta Airlines in an appeal by a former employee who claimed he was terminated because of racial and national origin discrimination. Airline fires employee after plane damaged Maahnchooh Ghogomu worked for Delta Airlines at the Tulsa International Airport. At the Tulsa International Airport, every Delta flight…

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The benefits of an appeal or review committee

Retaliation claims are some of the most common employment-based claims that employers face. In 2014, the number of retaliation claims filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission reached a record high – 37,955 charges (42.8% of all charges filed) contained allegations of retaliation. In Thomas v. Berry Plastics Corp., the federal appeals court that decides…

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