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Employer liable for off-duty murder?

Companies often assume they are not responsible for interactions between employees that happen off-site after hours and that are unrelated to their jobs. However, if a supervisor and a subordinate are involved and the employer failed to take appropriate action regarding workplace issues between the two leading up to the “off-campus” event, then a different…

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The litigation value of your antiharassment policy

As lawyers, we constantly remind clients of the importance of having and enforcing an effective antiharassment policy. Not only does it help enforce appropriate workplace behavior, but it also provides a good defense if inappropriate behavior occurs. On September 7, 2011, the Tenth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals (which includes Oklahoma) reaffirmed the value of…

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‘This is why you were fired’

Employers that are later sued for their discipline and discharge decisions often find themselves defending the way they reached those decisions. That means showing you had a good reason to look into a particular problem and demonstrating you were thorough and fair in your inquiry. As one county sheriff recently learned, the ability to explain…

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