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An employer’s guide to protecting confidential info

A company’s ability to protect its confidential information, including trade secrets, can often determine whether that business thrives or dies. And we’re not just talking about safeguarding the recipe to the “secret sauce.” Depending on the nature of your business, a lot of other types of confidential information — business processes, customer lists, financial data,…

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WEBINAR » When leave laws collide: Tackling complex health plan coverage issues

Leave issues present some of the most challenging issues for employers. Just when you think you’ve got a grip on how the FMLA, ADA and state workers’ comp laws intersect from an employment law standpoint, complex health plan coverage issues come in to play to throw you another curve ball. And if your strike out on these issues, the penalties could be very costly.

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WEBINAR » Downsizing done right: revisited

In an effort to adapt to a declining economy, changing technology, or increasingly competitive landscape, many companies are faced with the option of strategically restructuring their businesses through a reduction in force. While making the decision to downsize is never easy, the implementation process can be just as challenging for HR professionals and management.

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WEBINAR » ‘Social’ Security: Protecting your company from the hidden pitfalls of social media

During this one-hour complimentary webinar, McAfee & Taft employment attorneys Josh Cline and Charlie Plumb and intellectual property attorney Zach Oubre discuss the hidden dangers associated with social media and provide practical advice for mitigating risk, staying out of court, and protecting your company’s business and reputation.

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WEBINAR » ACA: Ready-Set-Report

In recent years, companies and organizations designated as “applicable large employers” under the Affordable Care Act have had to focus much of their attention on understanding and complying with the ACA’s complex “play-or-pay” rules, which — starting next year — generally give employers a choice between offering full-time employees and their dependents health coverage or paying certain penalties.

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