McAfee & Taft EmployerLINC 2011: Labor, Employment and Employee Benefits Seminar

This year, the news from the workplace is mixed. While the good news is that the economy is rebounding and hiring is on the rise, the bad news is that employers are now facing more rules and regulations (and potentially stiffer penalties) than ever before. EmployerLINC 2011, McAfee & Taft’s annual labor, employment and employee benefits seminar, helps to sort out which workplace issues will be in the spotlight this year and what you can do to stay in compliance.

. EmployerLINC 2011

Individual presentations:

  • The ADAAA and Final EEOC Regulations: A Whole New Ballgame for Employers
    More than two year after the Americans with Disabilities Amendments Act of 2008 went into effect, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has finally issued its final regulations. In this session, we unravel those long-awaited regulations and discuss what impact they will have on employers as the landscape of disability law shifts significantly in the favor of employees. Presenters: Paul RossJosh Solberg
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  • Employee Benefits: Compliance Strategies to Avoid Sanctions, Penalties and Litigation
    In this session, in addition to an update on health care reform, we examine two areas of retirement plan compliance that employers need to pay special attention to this year. First, new retirement plan fee disclosures are required will be required beginning in 2012, and we discuss what has to be disclosed to employers by their providers and what employers have to disclose to their employees. Second, we examine retirement plan corrections and how to avoid penalties, including plan disqualification, for errors. Presenters: Bill FreudenrichBrandon Long (OKC), Mary Steichen (OKC), John Papahronis (Tulsa)
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  • Government Crackdown on Wage & Hour Issues
    Brace yourself for what you can expect from the U.S. Department of Labor’s Wage & Hour Division during the upcoming year — new right-to-know regulations, increased class action lawsuits and the agency’s increased scrutiny on independent contractors and compensable time for off-the-clock emails, phone calls and testing. Presenters: Charlie Plumb, Betsy Wood (OKC), Curtis Thomas (Tulsa)
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  • FMLA Hot Topics: In Loco Parentis, Retaliation and Handling Benefits
    In this session, we answer some of the most frequently asked questions right now regarding FMLA, including: how the FMLA applies when there is no legal or biological parent-child relationship; how to handle benefits for an employee on FMLA and what happens once they have exhausted their 12 weeks; and what you can and can’t do when an employee requests or takes FMLA leave. Presenters: Sam Fulkerson (OKC), Nathan Whatley (OKC), Kathy Neal (Tulsa), Sharolyn Whiting-Ralston (Tulsa)
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