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Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana: An Action Plan for Employers

On June 26th, Oklahoma voters approved the legalization of medical marijuana by a 57% majority. The law, which is set to go into effect in late July, presents an all-new challenge in the workplace: balancing the rights of employees who possess a valid medical marijuana license with the needs of employers to maintain a safe, drug-free environment.

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Medical Marijuana in the Oklahoma Workplace

Charlie Plumb Kirk Turner On June 26, 2018, Oklahomans will go to the polls to vote on whether medical marijuana should be legalized in the state. While State Question 788 addresses several key questions regarding the treatment of employees and job applicants who possess a valid medical marijuana license, many other questions remain as to…

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Sexual Harassment: Battling claims in the courts of legal opinion and public opinion

Numerous high-profile sexual harassment and misconduct scandals have dominated the headlines in the last year. The viral growth and game-changing impact of the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements has reached beyond prominent public figures and into everyday workplaces. This presentation explores the very real challenges associated with responding to sexual harassment claims in two important but…

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‘Workplace Issues in the News’ seminar draws record numbers

With so many workplace issues making the headlines in the past year, including the viral #MeToo movement exposing countless stories of sexual harassment and assault, McAfee & Taft’s annual labor, employment and employee benefits seminar attracted a record number of registrants. Executives, human resource professionals and benefits managers gathered for EmployerLINC18, the full-day seminar held…

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JurisIQ adds advanced training on discrimination, harassment and retaliation

With sexual harassment and discrimination dominating headlines in the last several months, The JurisIQ Learning Center has released a new advanced-training video course exploring the topic in-depth. McAfee & Taft employment attorneys Natalie Ramsey and Paul Ross discuss at length the concepts of discrimination, harassment and retaliation in the workplace. In addition to reviewing the law and how that translates into employer policies, they…

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