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IRS announces special relief to help victims of Hurricane Harvey

Last week the IRS announced that 401(k) plans and certain similar employer-sponsored retirement plans can make loans and hardship distributions to help victims of Hurricane Harvey. Under the relief, a qualified employer retirement plan will not be treated as failing to satisfy any requirement under the Internal Revenue Code merely because the plan makes a…

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401(k) Compliance and Enforcement Update

Brandon P. Long Judy Burdg Melissa J. Cottle Within the past year, the Internal Revenue Service and the U.S. Department of Labor have issued new guidance impacting 401(k) retirement plans. At the same time, new lawsuits have been filed against plan fiduciaries. The list of rules that plan administrators must keep track of is longer…

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A few tips for 401(k) plan sponsors

Whoever said “don’t sweat the small stuff” never was responsible for administering a company’s 401(k) plan. With so much at stake for both the employees and the companies who sponsor them, retirement plans are, by their very nature, complicated documents. And it’s sometimes the smallest things – like not following a plan’s written definition of…

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