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Employers’ right to keep employee tips

A recent decision by the federal appeals court that covers Oklahoma ruled that employers are not required to share customer tips with employees who are already receiving wages at or above the minimum wage amount. Employees were already being paid more than minimum wage Employee Bridgette Marlow brought suit against her employer, The New Food…

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What not to do in wage and hour investigations

Last month the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a $2.1 million dollar judgment entered against a Tulsa restaurant for Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) overtime and minimum wage violations. If you ever wanted a guide on how not to handle a Department of Labor investigation, here it is. It will make you cringe. El…

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There’s an app for that

These days, there seems to be a smartphone application for just about anything. Want to track the distance of a golf shot? There’s an app for that. Can’t remember the title of that song playing on the radio? There’s an app for that. Need to transform your phone into an instant flashlight? There’s even an…

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