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Digital discrimination: Targeted ads don’t reach all potential applicants

Since the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) was first enacted in 1967, “help wanted” ads have evolved significantly – from classified ads in the local newspaper to listings on company websites and online job sites like and With the more recent advent of advertising on social media platforms, the recruiting landscape has…

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Best practices for Oklahoma employers when inquiring about criminal histories

You’ve probably at least heard of the so-called “Ban the Box” movement, a campaign aimed at convincing employers to remove any checkbox on applications designed to elicit information regarding an applicant’s criminal record. Many states, counties and cities have enacted “Ban the Box” legislation, but it’s certainly not the law in all jurisdictions. And the…

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THINK FAST! Taking interviewing to new extremes

Every human resources professional is (or should be) familiar with the questions that should not be asked in an interview. And most human resources managers feel restricted by this and unable to ask questions that will yield real information about applicants. Now, some well-known companies are throwing out the stock questions and going for broke…

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