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Business man harassing female coworker

EEOC primed for more aggressive enforcement as sexual harassment charges increase

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission yesterday announced its final enforcement data for fiscal year 2018, which ended September 30, 2018. As expected, the statistics show a significant increase in the number of sexual harassment charges filed following the #MeToo Movement. There were 7,609 sexual harassment charges filed in 2018, a 13.6% increase from fiscal year…

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Employers may be liable for harassment by a non-employee

“Claims of sexual harassment typically involve the behavior of fellow employees. But not always,” said a federal appeals court in Gardner v. CLC of Pascagoula, LLC. The case shows employers must take employee complaints of harassment by non-employees seriously. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act requires employers to take reasonable steps to protect employees…

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Sexual Harassment: Battling claims in the courts of legal opinion and public opinion

Numerous high-profile sexual harassment and misconduct scandals have dominated the headlines in the last year. The viral growth and game-changing impact of the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements has reached beyond prominent public figures and into everyday workplaces. This presentation explores the very real challenges associated with responding to sexual harassment claims in two important but…

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Confidential sexual harassment settlement payments no longer tax‑deductible

In a workplace era that may soon be referred to as “Pre-Weinstein,” employers not only could quietly settle sexual harassment claims by including a nondisclosure agreement that virtually assured the matter would be kept confidential and out of the public spotlight, but they could also deduct the settlement payment and attorney’s fees as a business…

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Avoiding legal hangovers

‘Tis the season … for office holiday parties. They are great for employee morale. They can also give rise to legal hangovers that can extend far beyond the holiday season. The primary legal perils of office parties are claims of sexual harassment or alcohol-related injuries by third parties. If an employee gets intoxicated and sexually…

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Employer liable for off-duty murder?

Companies often assume they are not responsible for interactions between employees that happen off-site after hours and that are unrelated to their jobs. However, if a supervisor and a subordinate are involved and the employer failed to take appropriate action regarding workplace issues between the two leading up to the “off-campus” event, then a different…

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