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DOL rescinds prior guidance on interns, adopts primary beneficiary test

On Friday, January 5, 2018, the Department of Labor rescinded prior agency guidance from 2010 regarding internship programs for “for-profit” employers. The prior guidance had been criticized by courts as “too rigid” and inconsistent with the Fair Labor Standards Act. The 2010 guidance required employers to apply a rigid six-factor test. Under the 2010 guidance,…

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Wage claims by unpaid interns heat up

School is out and temperatures are rising. For many employers, summertime means a new crop of student workers.  Summer internship programs are a time-honored tradition at many companies, providing educational benefits to the student interns and cheap labor for employers.  However, problems may arise when internships are unpaid, as a recent string of wage and…

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The pitfalls of unpaid internships

With the summer coming on, it is not unusual for employers to be bombarded with requests for unpaid internships. Students want to gain valuable experience, build their resumes, and perhaps gain an introduction to a future employer. In a tough economy and job market, recent graduates or the unemployed view unpaid internships as a way…

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